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Lazarus Lynch, Buffalo St senior, to appear on Food Network

Lazarus 1Joseph Kasko

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – Lazarus Lynch, a senior communication major at SUNY Buffalo State, will appear on the popular Food Network show “The Kitchen” Feb. 27.

Lynch, 21, maintains a popular website and YouTube channel under the brand “Son of a Southern Chef,” where he shares recipes and cooking tips.

Lynch appeared on the Buffalo Review Feb. 22.

“I have always felt I can do whatever I dream to do,” Lynch said. “I get that philosophy from my faith and my father who was my role model and mentor who defied the odds when he graduated high school with his first kid (and) went straight into the working world.”

He said he gets his passion for cooking from his father, who operated restaurant in Queens, where Lynch worked as a boy.

“I fell in love with the business,” Lynch said. “I fell in love with the minor tasks my father would give me, such as restocking the shelves, putting sodas in the machine, taking cash or prepping vegetables.”

Lynch has previously appeared on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel and he has worked with a number of celebrity chefs, including Bobby Flay and Sunny Anderson.

His YouTube channel, where he says he has only been actively posting videos for about a year, already has nearly 5,000 followers and more that 136,000 views.

Lynch, who plans to graduate May 2016, said he is already in talks with the Food Network about possibly creating his own show.

“I’ve had several conversations over the last few months with producers and development teams at different production companies,” said Lynch. “It’s just about figuring out what is the best next step for me. I have great mentors and people that I work with that help make the decisions.

“I am excited that I am a part of the conversation. I think if you could just be apart of the conversation that it is a step forward,” he said.

“I believe if you are serious about what you do and you love what you do, the doors will open somehow.”

* Producers Kerriann Salmon and Taylor Moran contributed to this report.


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