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Listen: 2016 presidential race & Allentown vandalism


Buffalo State political science professor Peter Yacobucci discusses the 2016 presidential election on the Buffalo Review, as producer Madison Marquardt listens.

Joseph Kasko

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – Last week on the Buffalo Review (3/7) we discussed the 2016 presidential election and a major act of vandalism in Buffalo’s Allentown neighborhood.

In the first segment, we spoke with Dr. Bruce Bryski, an associate professor in the communication department at SUNY Buffalo State, and Dr. Peter Yacobucci, an associate professor of political science at Buffalo State, about the Republican and Democratic races for president.

Listen to part 1 here and listen to part 2 here.

Next, we spoke with Jonathan White, president of the Allentown Association, about an incident of vandalism Feb. 28 that left more than 100 cars, parked along Allen, College and Mariner streets, with slashed tires.

Listen to part 3 here.

Finally, we offered some insights into how our show is produced each week during a roundtable with a few of our student producers.

Listen to part 4 here.

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