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Listen: refugees, organ donations & taxes

Joseph Kasko

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – On the Buffalo Review (4/11) we discussed an influx of refugees in western New York, a lack of organ donors in the state and the April 18 tax deadline.

In the first segment, we spoke with Erkin Ozay, associate professor of architecture at the University at Buffalo, about the school’s recent forums on and his efforts to find and build housing for immigrants.

Listen to part 1 here.

Next we spoke with Bryan Brown Cashdollar from the International Institute of Buffalo, a group that assistants immigrants, about the challenges refugees face in western New York.

Listen to part 2 here.

In the second half of the show, we spoke with Sarah Diina from Unyts about the lack of registered organ donors in New York, which she called a “public health crisis.”

Listen to part 3 here.

Lastly, we discussed the April 18 tax deadline, new requirements due to the Affordable Care Act and why so many people wait until the last minute to file with Duane Whitmer, a tax specialist at DJW Financial Services.

Listen to part 4 here.

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