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Food Truck Tuesdays return to Larkin Square


The Lloyd Taco Truck and others have become a staple at Food Truck Tuesdays.

Brett Ballchino

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – Food Truck Tuesdays resumed April 19 at Larkin Square, which is the fourth year for the popular event that began in 2013.

The weekly series features more than 25 food trucks and live music at Larkin Square every Tuesday from 5-8 p.m. until Oct. 4.

More and more food trucks have been popping up in Buffalo the past few years and the city features more than 40 unique trucks that offer something different. A number of trucks, such as the Lloyd taco truck and Roaming Buffalo, have gained notoriety in Buffalo, which some would say has contributed to the popularity of Food Truck Tuesdays.

“We can park up to 28 trucks, which are on a bit of a rotation,” said Leslie Zemsky, the director of special events and projects for the Larkin Square Group. Zemsky said the event can be lucrative for the trucks and there a few trucks that drive in from Rochester to participate in the event.

Zemskey said every truck is required to have a healthy option, which has been approved by Independent Health, a sponsor of the event. There is often a variety of cuisine found at the event, many of which are inspired by different cultures.

Food trucks are not unique to Buffalo, as many cities have similar food truck scenes. However, Zemsky said Food Truck Tuesdays are somewhat unique.

“We have a large footprint, that being, our liquor license runs around our whole campus. All the trucks park on our private property and that’s unusual,” she said.


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