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Buffalo State students organize Black Lives Matter events


The African American Student Organization at Buffalo State organized a candle light vigil in October to celebrate the Black Lives Matter movement.

Meaghan Michel

(Buffalo, N.Y) – A number of SUNY Buffalo State students brought the Black Lives Matter movement to the campus beginning late September.

First, a number of students joined together in standing with their fists raised during the national anthem at Buffalo State’s homecoming football game.

A few weeks later, the African American Student Organization organized a candle light vigil and a program about police brutality.

Buffalo State student Allison Wallen, a passionate advocate for the movement, says the first step to finding a solution is coming together as one.

“I think it’s important for people to stand up for the movement Black Lives Matter,” said Wallen. “If people don’t see you actually going out there and taking initiative and being the first one or the first of many, then it doesn’t give people hope to think that this is something that they can change, this is something that they can make happen.”

Wallen says people with voices have much more value than sitting behind a computer screen and only speaking about the problem.


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