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Discounted tours of Richardson Complex available to students


Tours of the Richardson Olmsted Complex, which is being converted into a hotel, are available to students at a discounted rate.

Christina Stuart

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – The Richardson Olmsted Complex will soon end their tour season that ran April through October.

Corey Fabian Borenstein, the visitor services coordinator of the complex, says there is a discount on tour prices for college students.

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“Usually our one and two hour tours are our two options and they would usually for just anybody be $200 flat rate for the one hour and a $400 flat rate for two hours,” said Borenstein. “For students we do it on a per person basis, so for students if it’s a one hour you can come for $10 each person, which is a lot less. For two hours you can do $20 per person.”

The building is under construction and will be transformed into a hotel.

The tours takes the visitors through the construction sites where they can see what is being built in the complex.

“We’ve been focusing on construction because that is a cool and unique thing that you usually don’t get to see, so it changes weekly depending on whats going on,” said Borenstein.

She says the public, private and student tours are guided throughout the core buildings to show guests the construction for the project Hotel Henry.

Borenstein also said people should consider buying tickets months in advance because they can sell out quickly.


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