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Students frustrated with new Buffalo State housing policy

Nazeé Wright

(Buffalo, N.Y.) — The new student housing policy at SUNY Buffalo State states that seniors with 90 credits or more are no longer allowed to live on campus starting fall 2017.

During the winter break, a letter was sent to the student body announcing the new policy and it put some students in an uncomfortable predicament.

“I personally feel like the new housing policy here is unfair,” said Alyssia King, a junior at Buffalo State. “The class of 2018, the class that I came in with, we got hit with all the new policies since the school is trying to turn into a university and none of them really work in our favor.”

The December letter also announced Buffalo State has an agreement with Campus Walk, a new 318-bed private student housing complex on Grant Street on the edge of campus.

“The agreement designates Campus Walk as the preferred of-campus housing provider for senior-level Buffalo State students,” according to the letter signed by Hal Payne, vice president of Student Affairs.

Many upperclassmen currently reside in the Student Apartment Complex (or STAC), which has an average cost of about $1,000 per month. Campus Walk offers monthly rents of $760 to $875 per person, plus electric.

King said she has already made her decision to make Campus Walk her new home for her senior year at Buffalo State. Although, she said her options for living off campus were very limited.

“It basically gave us an ultimatum. It’s either you get put on the wait list or you go to Campus Walk. Everyone knows how the wait list works with Buffalo State, you will never get off,” said King.

Other students planning to live off campus say they are hesitant to make Campus Walk their home because the price is somewhat similar to the cost of STAC, which many students find too expensive.

“Everyone had to sign up with Campus Walk and then we got hit with the letter over the break and you have to sign your lease now before the rates go up,” said King.

The United Students Government (or USG) has also expressed their opposition to the new housing policy.

Leasing for Campus Walk has already started on a first-come, first-serve basis. Construction on the project is scheduled to be complete by August of this year.


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