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Caudell Hall reopens with praise for new equipment


The $21.2 million dollar renovation of Caudell Hall, which began June 2014, was completed in time for the spring 2017 semester.

Edwin J. Viera

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – After 3.5 years and $21.2 million, SUNY Buffalo State’s Caudell Hall has reopened, which is good news for those in the college’s School of Professions.

The 21,000-square-foot, which was built in 1962, houses classrooms, offices, conference rooms, and new state-of-the-art food laboratories. The three-story building is home to the Hospitality and Tourism; Health, Nutrition and Dietetics; Social Work; and Speech-Language Pathology departments. 

“Caudell Hall’s renovations have included many amenities that the students can benefit from. One is the teaching kitchen that we have on the second floor,” said Dr. Carol DeNysschen, head of the Health, Nutrition and Dietetics department.

Another important addition, DeNysschen said, is the Nutrition Education Counseling Center. “Students will be able to apply what they learned in counseling people and educating people,” she said.

Students in the department also say they are happy about the new building and all of the new amenities.

“We have, just like, your regular kitchen prep equipment, but it’s much, much more than what we had (in the old building) in Buckham,” said dietetics student Laura Steurman, who also complimented the new second-floor teaching kitchen.

“There’s even TVs right on top of the prep areas so you can see exactly what your instructor is doing. You don’t have to like crowd around,” said Steurman.

During the construction, students usually in Caudell were moved to the Classroom Building and Buckham Hall.

“One definite thing that helps a lot is that we’re all in the same area now. Before we were all kind of spread out, even amongst the other buildings (on campus),” said Mark Boser, a lecturer in the social work program.

With Caudell Hall finished, Buffalo State is able to focus on other construction projects, such as the renovation of Buckham.


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