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Student media at Buffalo State working toward converged operation

Elie Fortune

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – The three student media organizations at SUNY Buffalo State — The Record, BSC-TV and 91.3 WBNY-FM — have been working to create a unified media outlet called Stripes Media.

Stripes Media is described on school’s official website as “the hub for the Communication Department’s student organizations” and many have dubbed the project as the future of student media at Buffalo State.

Dr. Annemarie Franczyk, associate professor of journalism in the Communication Department, is the advisor for The Record and said there are a number of advantages for students with this collaboration.

“There are a lot of schools, that are across the country, that are doing exactly this and a student who goes through a converged newsroom will be better prepared for a professional newsroom,” said Franczyk. “Buff State will be able to compete with these other schools that also have this type of converged newsroom, so it’s a win-win.”

“We’ve recently really got together, the GMs and a few other appointed individuals from the three different media organizations on campus to start, you know, having further conversations about it and it seems like we have been progressing a little further,” said Michael Peters, general manager of WBNY.

Peters said the project might be moving slow because some members of the three organizations have some concerns.

“Some of the reason why there is that two year, 20 year, whatever year lag is because people want to be careful to not destroy the organizations and the names and the history that comes around all those,” said Peters.

“Part of it is mindsets, part of it is understanding, part of it is trying to figure out how we want to accomplish this. A lot of people go into this process with a variety of different ideas of how it should work,” he said.

The first step in the project would be to bring the three outlets into one converged office space in the Campbell Student Union, according to Franczyk.


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