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Trump continues strained relationship with the media


President Trump’s relationship with the media appears to be worsening, as a number of news organizations were barred from attending a White House briefing Feb. 24. (photo source: Photos For Class royalty free image)

Shaniya Graham

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – The strained relationship between President Donald Trump and the news media appears to have gotten worse in recent weeks.

Feb. 24, a number of news organizations, including CNN, the New York Times and Politico were barred from attending a White House briefing.

Trump has also referred to the media as “fake news” and an “enemy to the American people.”

Dr. Bruce Bryski, associate professor of communications at SUNY Buffalo State, appeared on the Buffalo Review (March 3) to discuss Trump’s relationship with the media.

“There has always been antagonism or dislike between government officials and the media. However, I think it is fair to say we reached a new level with President Trump,” said Bryski.

“I am a little bit concerned about the First Amendment and when the president of the United States calls the media and journalists ‘America’s enemy,’ then we start to have some problems.”

Bryski said he hopes the relationship improves, because the president will have trouble governing without the media.

“These journalists who have been attacked by Trump for the last 18 months are not going to forget this. Anytime they have an opportunity from here on out to make a statement, they are going to work even harder,” said Bryski.

“(Trump) definitely needs the media. You cannot run the country with a Twitter account.”

* Daina Richards contributed to this report.


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