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Ink Club hosts annual ‘Sexclusive’ event to raise awareness of sex education

Meaghan Michel

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – SUNY Buffalo State’s student organization Tha Ink Club hosted their annual “Sexclusive” event Monday, March 13.

The event is intended to raise awareness of sex education and encourage students to become more open minded when speaking about sex.

“I think the most important to us is safe sex,” said Ethan Milton-Pope, a community service chair of Tha Ink Club. “We’re all college students and the rates in which college students contract STDs are pretty high compared to other groups.”

Sexclusive features dance, poetry and spoken word performances that deal with the concepts of consent and practicing safe sex.

Milton-Pope said the event has drawn a lot of criticism, especially after last year’s show.

“It actually shaped this year’s show a little bit, because a lot of the time it’s hard for the administration to, perhaps get into that vibe of this is just people expressing themselves,” said Milton-Pope.

So changes were made to this year’s show to make it more “presentable,” while still keeping the same content, he said.

Additionally, Tha Ink Club changed the venue from Rockwell Hall to the smaller Social Hall, in the Campbell Student Union, to try to avoid dealing with too large of an audience and crowd.

“Scaling down, although a lot of the (executive) board felt kind of defeated for that, I think when we’re done with the show they will say, ‘this is by far the better way to conduct the show,’” said Milton-Pope.

Most of the audience that shows up to this event, is attracted to the taboo of sex and doesn’t seem to appreciate the art Tha Ink Club is presenting, according to Milton-Pope.

“It’s a good show and you’re going to have a good time. So come out and enjoy,” said Kaitlyn Lowe, another community service chair of Tha Ink Club.


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