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BSC-TV secures funding for new equipment, could be back on air by fall


Members of BSC-TV prepare to tape an episode of ‘Bengal Talk’ in October 2016. The group recently secured $16,000 from USG to purchase new HD equipment. (photo by Aaron Daniel Annas)

Nick Lombardo

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – SUNY Buffalo State’s student run television station BSC-TV suffered a setback earlier this semester as the college switched from analog to digital, which made the station’s equipment obsolete.

The situation worsened when a BSC-TV member failed to attend an important United Students Government (USG) meeting, which triggered a 5 percent cut to the budget of the organization.

It was an unfortunate turn of events as BSC-TV has been working to re-establish themselves on campus after the station had fallen in disrepair in recent years.

However, the group recently secured a $16,000 budget increase from USG for an equipment upgrade, which would allow the station to return to the air this fall.

The upgrade would included a hi-definition transmitter and a Nexus, which is server used for program and data storage.

“I can’t take credit for securing the equipment, I really have to give the credit to the students of BSC-TV,” said Aaron Daniel Annas, assistant professor of media production at Buffalo State and co-advisor to BSC-TV.

Annas and Amanda Velazquez, production manager for BSC-TV, appeared on the Buffalo Review April 3 to discuss the new equipment.

Velazquez said she is excited that the station will return to the air next semester.

“Since we haven’t been able to broadcast we’ve been working with a lot of organizations on campus to shoot their…events they’re having on campus,” she said.

Velazquez said that BSC-TV has been using social media, such as YouTube and Facebook, to connect with their audience since the station is currently off-air.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say it has been difficult, but it’s hard to keep people interested,” said Velazquez, when asked if it was difficult to recruit new students to the organization.

“It was tough and we really tried to dip our feet in and talk to other organizations and see if they wanted us to record events for them,” she said. “A lot of members had ideas, but we really wanted to keep producing and show that even though we had this setback, where you know it’s a minor setback for a major comeback.”

Velazquez said she feels the future of the station is bright.

“I think this upgrade is going to completely change the face of student media on campus,” said Annas.

He added that students will have more power with new and improved equipment, because they will be able to reach a larger audience.

Annas said he thinks the new equipment could even help the student retention rate of Buffalo State.

“Students right now are coming from all over New York…from high school’s that have amazing equipment and they’re already able to broadcast on a closed circuit system. So when they come to college and realize that they are not broadcasting that can be a turn off to students,” said Annas.

* Shontay Morgan contributed to this report.


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