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Buffalo State’s student newspaper goes digital


The final hard copy of The Record was published Nov. 30 and the newspaper will now only be available digitally.

Ashley Steele

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – SUNY Buffalo State’s student newspaper, The Record, has gone digital this semester, in an effort to adapt to changing reader habits.

The move came as a surprise to some after the paper had been published for more than a 100 years, starting in 1913.

“Going digital was about conserving our readers and making sure that we still had an audience,” said Edwin Viera, columnist for The Record and producer for the Buffalo Review TV.

“The ways in which people consume news is changing. The idea of picking up a cumbersome, clunky newspaper is foreign to most young people,” said Dan Almasi, executive editor of The Record, in a post last year on the paper’s website announcing the move.

This transition will allow The Record to cover events and immediately upload stories to its website, as opposed to waiting to publish content once a week.

“A lot more people have started going online reading our stories, watching videos and commenting on stories, as well as receiving traffic from our Facebook page,” said Viera.

The Record has also created an app, so readers can access content via mobile devices.

Additionally, Almasi said going digital would cut costs, as the majority of The Record’s budget was devoted to printing the paper.

He said those savings could be applied to purchasing new equipment or hiring more paid staff.

* Elie Fortune and Joseph Kasko contributed to this report.


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