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Buffao State AASO hosts annual ‘Mr. & Ms. Mahogany’ pageant

Mahogany winners

Buffalo Review TV producers Tiffany Channer and Elie Fortune were crowned “Mr. and Ms. Mahogany” for 2017 by the African-American Students Association. (photo courtesy of Francis Chery)

Edwin J. Viera

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – The SUNY Buffalo State African-American Students Organization held their annual “Mr. and Ms. Mahogany” pageant April 20 in the Campbell Student Union Social Hall.

Tiffany Channer and Elie Fortune, both producers of the Buffalo Review TV, won this year’s event.

The theme for the pageant was Egyptian gods and goddesses, which featured male and female contestants who were partnered with each other.

The pageant consisted of two introduction scenes, a talent scene, a creative scene, a swimsuit scene and a formal scene.

Freshman contestant Aaron Corion appeared on the Buffalo Review TV to discuss being in the pageant.

He said the three male contestants would be presented as “three kings,” which goes along with the theme of the pageant.

He said the contestants have received feedback and assistance from many people.

“The people in charge of the event are in a sense coaching us on the side. Also our friends are helping us in the show (as) our coaches,” said Corion.

He said the scenes with his partner require the most attention during rehearsals.

“The only thing I practice for is the introduction scene with my partner,” Corion said. “She’s dancing with me for the introduction scene and also my talent scene.”

Mr. and Ms. Mahogany is the first pageant Corion competed, which required him to go up against upperclassmen.

He considered competing in a different pageant earlier in the semester, but ultimately chose not to.

“If you strive to do something go ahead and do it. Don’t be afraid to do it.”

* Meaghan Michel contributed to this report.


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