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Buffalo State Traveler’s Club to conclude first semester with trip to Toronto

Toronto skyline

The recently formed Buffalo State Traveler’s Club is concluding its first full semester on campus with a trip to Toronto. (photo source: Pixabay free stock image)

Nazeé Wright

(Buffalo, N.Y.) — The newly formed Buffalo State Traveler’s Club will conclude its first full semester on campus with a trip to Toronto.

The club started last semester and is intended for students who enjoy traveling and sharing their travel stories, which could include seasoned travelers or new explorers.

The Traveler’s Club has plans to organize trips to different countries around the world, staring with the trip to Toronto.

Club president Gyasi Curry and vice president Amanda Johnson appeared on the Buffalo Review TV Feb. 23 to discuss their plans for the club, which includes expanding their executive board.

“We actually got the wonderful opportunity to study abroad in Italy and during our return we went through a little culture shock, so we thought it would be great to create a traveler’s club,” said Curry.

The club spent this semester creating their constitution and recruiting new members. They plan to vote for new executive office positions in the fall.

This club is open to any student to join whether they have travel experience or not. There are also plans to secure USG funding in the near future and raise the club’s profile on campus.

The Traveler’s Club held their first event in February, which featured a discussion about Chile.

Eight students and a faculty member from the Universidad Mayor in Santiago, Chile, which is part of the International Professional Development Schools (IPDS) Chile program, attended the meeting.

“We met Chilean guests who are studying for two weeks here at Buffalo State,” said Curry. “We had a few Buffalo State students and after that meeting I received a lot of emails regarding future expectations and programs for the club.”

* Khalid Terrell contributed to this report.


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