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Listen: Lake Ontario flooding, free speech, Books for Kids & comic books

20170406_163729Staff Report

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – This week on the Buffalo Review (May 8), we covered flooding along Lake Ontario, free speech on college campuses, the Books for Kids literacy program and the evolution of comic books.

First, we spoke with Dr. Stephen Vermette, professor and coordinator of the Meteorology and Climatology Program at Buffalo State, about flooding along Lake Ontario after weeks of heavy rainfall in western New York.

Next, we were joined by Scott Jaschik, editor and cofounder of Insider Higher Ed, to discuss recent protests on college campuses, which some have argued is stifling free speech.

In the second half of the show, we spoke with Dr. Geraldine Bard, professor of English at Buffalo State and co-director of Project Flight, about the Books for Kids literacy program.

Finally, Emil Novak, owner of the Queen City Bookstore, joined us to discuss the evolution and history of comic books.

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