Buffalo State hosts faculty appreciation award event

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 3.18.08 PM (1)

President Katherine Conway-Turner (left) gives a faculty appreciation award to communication lecturer Gabe DiMaio, with Provost Melanie Perreault and interim Vice President for Student Affairs Daniel Velez (right).

Jacob Fyock

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – On April 28, the Student Affairs division at SUNY Buffalo State hosted their annual faculty appreciation awards in the lobby of the Technology Building.

The event allows students to nominate professors who have made an impact on them so they can be acknowledged for the work they do in the classroom.

Gabe DiMaio, an adjunct lecturer in the Communication Department, was nominated by two different students.

“You know it’s heartening because the challenge you have as a professor, is you never know, not never, but rarely do you keep in contact with the students who graduate at Buff State,” he said. “Out of the 16 years I have been teaching, I keep in touch with a handful of students, but not many, so you never know the impact that you had.”

Brian Dubenion, a student retention specialist at Buffalo State, said it’s important for the faculty to be honored.

“In think it’s amazing; our faculty are not often really honored for the hard work for what they do,” he said. “This event is really big for them in terms of figuring what impact they’ve had on students and how they contribute to students’ success.”

President Katherine Conway-Turner attended the ceremony to thank the faculty for their commitment to their students.

Marcel Baker, who helped organize the event, said it was important for Conway-Turner to be there.

“Coming to an event, talking to faculty, saying that she appreciates them, herself, and then knowing that they’re going to be appreciated by their students as well, is a great impact for everyone here,” Baker said.

More than 10 professors were honored at the event and most appeared to be excited to recognized.

The faculty appreciation awards were created three years ago and it seems they will continue and progress for years to come.


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