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‘Dance in the Round’ offered unique dance experience

Ashley Steele

(Buffalo, N.Y.) — The SUNY Buffalo State Theater Department recently hosted an event called “Circle: Dance in the Round,” which created a challenge for the choreographers and dancers.

The event was so named because the student performers were actually dancing around the audience.

“This is the first time that we’ve ever done this. Usually it’s a proscenium stage where the audience just sees one side,” said Latia Banks, a senior dancer. “We had to be cautious about spacing so that everyone could see us in one shape or form.”

Banks appeared on the Buffalo Review TV May 4 to discuss the unique show.

Dance in the Round entered a completely new territory for dance, she said, which is often structured in order to create a certain experience. By changing the showcase platform, the dancers were able to enhance their experience, according to Banks.

“This definitely was a learning experience for everyone,” she said. “Your choreographer relies on you to have it together. You have to practice and train because it shows in your performance.

“Will they do it again? I’m not sure, but I know next year they are going back to a proscenium stage,” she said.

Dancing is a form of expression and dancers use their bodies to tell a story. It is through this story telling that the audience is able to understand the emotion of the dancers, which has no gender, said Banks.

“Do what you love, if you love dancing do it regardless of what people say. We want male dancers, the dance world needs male dancers, we won’t be dance without male dancers,” she said.


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