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Reddy bike rentals return to Buffalo for second year

Reddy Bike

There are 200 Reddy bikes located at 35 stations across Buffalo, including one on the SUNY Buffalo State campus.

Elie Fortune

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – Reddy Bikeshare has returned to Buffalo for its second season after launching July 21, 2016. The Reddy bike rentals provide people a cost efficient and convenient way to get to a destination, stay healthy or have a little fun.

“Being that Reddy Bike is new to Buffalo, we were really curious to see how many people would ride,” said Jennifer White, director of marketing and communications for Shared Mobility, which partnered with Independent Health to create the bike sharing program.

“In regards to members, we had 1,700 people get on a bike last year, which actually did surpass our goal of 1,000.”

There are 200 bikes located at 35 stations across Buffalo, including one on the SUNY Buffalo State campus.

Other locations include the Elmwood Village, Delaware Park, Allentown, downtown, Canalside and both University at Buffalo campuses.

The smart bikes are easy to gain access to, according to White, only needing three simple steps to rent.

“So first of all, you sign up online at and choose your membership pass. You could do a monthly pass, you could have an annual pass (or) you could actually sign up as a group for over four people,” said White.

“Once you have your account number, you choose a pin and then it takes about three minutes to get signed up and as soon as you’re signed up, you walk up to the bike’s back panel, type in your account number and your pin,” she said. “The bike unlocks, you place it in the holster, make sure you adjust your seat properly to your height and then you could get on and ride wherever you want to go.”

Riders can pay an $8.50 activation fee for an hourly pass, which then costs 6 cents per minute or $55 for a yearly pass that costs a penny per minute per rental.

Adama Fall, a student at Buffalo State, said he plans to use the service.

“I feel as though they are this great fun way that they allow campus students to get around the Buffalo area, explore the park with a group of friends and it’s just a great way to bond and have fun,” said Fall.


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