Buffalo State seniors adjusting to new housing policy

Neseemah Coleman

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – Rising seniors at SUNY Buffalo State were informed last December of a new housing policy that would prohibit students with 90 or more credits from living on-campus.

While it’s not uncommon for upperclassmen to move off campus, it has typically been a decision students have made on their own.

As a result, many students have expressed their frustration with the new policy.

“I’d been told since my freshmen year that seniors would be kicked off campus but I didn’t actually think it would be my class,” said senior Karen Guiterrez. “It’s like they’re feeding us to the wolves and it’s just wrong.

“They’re making decisions for us and not with us. What a way to repay us for being loyal and staying.”

At the time of the announcement, the school’s United Students Government (USG) expressed their concern and opposition to the new policy.

Meanwhile, Campus Walk, Buffalo State’s first affiliated housing partner, opened its doors to the first tenants for the 2017-2018 school year.

The two-building 318-bed complex mostly houses Buffalo State seniors. However, there were expected to be at least 340 seniors in fall 2017.

Some new residents of Campus Walk have found themselves struggling to pay the minimum monthly rent of $835 and the complex’s leasing contract states a student’s guarantor must make three times the monthly rent.

“For the first time since I came in 2014, I found myself taking out loans. I thought I could leave college debt free, but now that won’t be the case,” said Nicole Rick, a senior from New York City.

“It’s like everyone thinks it’s Campus Walk’s fault (that) seniors can’t live on campus, but that’s actually not the case,” said Zhane Ray, an office assistant at Campus Walk. “The school was making the decision to move seniors off long before it even affiliated with Campus Walk.”

Some students, however, have had a positive experience with the changes.

“My experience so far has been okay. I finally have a room to myself and don’t have to worry about lugging laundry outside my room. The best part is that I’m so close to campus,” said senior Tatyana Gibson.

“You can’t please everyone but I feel like people aren’t being even the slightest bit appreciative. I bet if they put seniors in triples like they did my freshmen year, they would make a fit and opt to live off campus then,” she said.

Campus Walk features a fitness center, private study rooms on every floor, a 50-inch smart TV in every living room and a computer lab with free printing.

While the new complex caters to Buffalo State students, it isn’t exclusive, because leasing is also open to families and students from neighboring colleges.


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