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New gym treats members like pro fighters to ‘keep fit’

Elie Fortune

(Buffalo, N.Y.) — A family with a love for boxing has opened a new facility on Elmwood Avenue that allows people the opportunity to stay fit by training like a professional fighter.


The Graziadei family has opened a boxing gym, which they say is perfect exercise for all ages and ability levels. (photo: Pexels free stock image)

Boxstar, which is owned and operated by brothers Drew and Mike Graziadei and Mike’s wife Justine, offers a unique boxing program.

While traditional boxing gyms focus on fighters pursuing professional careers, this gym is focused on the average person.

According to the Graziadeis, there are only one or two other gyms in New York City that offer a similar experience.

“A lot of (regular) people are going to the different boxing and fighting gyms, MMA gyms, boxing and kickboxing and they were just being pushed to the side like a second class (citizen) next to a fighter,” said Mike Graziadei.

“Our idea was why don’t we make the general public feel like they’re the more important ones and not focus on fighters. So we’re basically teaching kickboxing and boxing to the general public, rather than focusing on people who are trying to fight as a career.”


Boxstar provides a place for members to get in shape and learn self-defense techniques taught by former state Golden Gloves champion Drew Graziadei and his family.

“I never in a million years would of thought I’d be doing boxing to keep fit, but Boxstar has been the perfect place for me,” said patron Tiffany Simmons. “I love the intensity of its classes and it definitely becomes addicting after a while.”

According to the Graziadeis, roughly 75 percent of the gym’s of members are women.

The family has created a non-contact boxing exercise program that lasts about 45 minutes, which they say is perfect for all ages and ability levels.

“Definitely try us out. Come in, give it a try. Don’t be scared, no matter what condition you’re in, what age, any type of fitness level,” said Mike Graziadei.

There are also sessions available for children called “little Boxstars,” as well as intense boxing and kick boxing classes for adults.

Mike Graziadei said his family wanted to create a diverse boxing community at their gym, which played a part in them choosing Elmwood Avenue.

Boxstar provides boxing gear during a member’s first session and offers discounted rates to students, law enforcement, active military and veterans.


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