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WBNY’s ‘Local Show’ has been promoting local artists for over 20 years

Brett Ziegler

(Buffalo, N.Y.) – Every Thursday, 91.3 WBNY-FM, SUNY Buffalo State’s student-run radio station, hosts the “Local Show,” which features musicians from across western New York.

The four-hour show, which airs from 7-11 p.m., has become a WBNY staple with live performances and interviews from a wide variety of artists.

“The ‘Local Show’ is one of our longest running programs. It’s dated back almost to our inception in 1982,” said Jacob Frasier, general manager of WBNY and host of the “Local Show.”

“We have been keeping it going for the sole fact that it’s one of the most recognized shows in the community.”

On Dec. 7, Mosswalk, a band of four University at Buffalo students who have been together for the past eight months, was the latest group to perform on the program.

“Just upon walking into the lounge, you’re surrounded by CD’s, band stickers and this checkerboard wall paint that has a true vintage feel to the room,” said Jamie Sunshine, lead singer of Mosswalk.

Band members also said the vibe of the studio felt like a true music experience.

“I work at a café and wear my WBNY shirt while working, you’d be surprised how much marketing we have from the station come just from that,” said Jacob Frasier, describing how he discovered and booked Mosswalk.

“Dude is the best,” said Sunshine, referring to Frasier. “He’s the best, he knows the end of the tune from the feel; just a ball of energy.”

Perhaps that energy from students, over the years, has contributed to the longevity of the show.


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