‘Paint and sip’ parties teach art in a social setting

Makeda Singletary

(Buffalo, N.Y.) — Paint Nite is an international business in the “paint and sip” industry, which partners with local artists who host classes that combine painting and cocktails.

In order to become a Paint Nite “creative entrepreneur,” the artist has to apply and once approved has the ability to run their own classes. The company has licensed entrepreneurs across the U.S. and Canada.

Patrons can then sign up to take a Paint Nite class through their website, which are hosted at local establishments.

Guests can look through a catalog of events and chose the type of painting they would like to learn to create.

“I would do it again and again it was so much fun,” said Marissa Eisenberger, a Paint Nite goer.

“This was my first Paint Nite. I have seen a lot of my high school friends go to a lot of these and figured…it was a great idea for a christmas present,” said Scott Cybart, another attendee.

Paint Nite offers adults of the legal drinking age a night out to explore their creative talents in a social setting.

“It’s really enjoyable for me to see how novice or people who never pick up a paint brush. It’s really about being able to experiment and just have fun with it”, said Ruby Merritt, a Paint Nite class instructor.


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