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Many students paying for card they don’t use

By Emily Miller and Tiye Betaudier

Buffalo, NY—At Buffalo State, all students are given a student CRAM (College Riders Accessing Metro) Pass, but many feel they are not given the proper information on how to use it throughout their college career.

Students first receive the pass at their freshman or transfer orientation. The pass allows students to travel around the city at their convenience by using the Buffalo Public Transportation system.

Each fall, students are not informed that they are required to renew their pass at the Butler Library.

“I didn’t know that every year you had to go renew  it, I thought that you only had to go on banner and activate it,” one student said.

The pass is automatically charged to their student account each semester, regardless if they are a commuter or reside on campus.

“I don’t think that it’s fair for me to get billed something that I don’t even use at all,” a commuter student said.

Students are able to participate in the upcoming campus elections to try to make a change in how they are billed for extra fees.

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