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New Buffalo State dorm policy draws criticism from students


A new visitation policy at Buffalo State prevented students from bringing guests into dorms, including Neumann Hall, the first week of classes.

Meaghan Michel

(Buffalo, N.Y.)- SUNY Buffalo State housing enforced a new “Escort and Visitation Policy” that prevented students from hosting guests in their dorm rooms the first week of classes, until Monday, Sept. 5.

“I don’t really agree with the policy because it prevents the students from breaking out of their shell and expanding their horizons on campus,” said Sheila Morales, a first year mentor.

There have been questions from Buffalo State students for the office of Residence Life pertaining to what encouraged the new policy to be enforced.

However, many have speculated the new policy was implemented to minimize some of the problems that were reported the past two school years. Over 50 crimes were documented in 2014 on the Buffalo State campus, according to Campus Safety and Security of the U.S. Department of Education.

A sexual assault, a stabbing and an armed robbery were crimes that occurred on the campus early in 2015. Those who were involved in those cases all resided on campus at the time.

“It really sucks that past crime rates and the way other people act can determine my guest privileges. I pay to live here and it’s actually absurd that I have to suffer and not be able to have my friends over because of other people acting like fools,” said freshmen, Noel Fernandez.

“I don’t really like that this is an open campus,” said Alexis DePaul, former resident of Neumann Hall. “My RA told me I should never walk alone which at the time I thought was a load of crap. Until I experienced a scary situation first hand. I lived on the first floor last year and I was walking out of my room to see a random homeless guy roaming our hallways.”

The students have made assumptions that the policy was enforced due to a number of crimes that occurred last year.

However, several people on campus found this policy to be beneficial.

“I feel like implementing this policy this year was a great opportunity to prevent crimes from occurring and it gave each residence hall the chance to really interact with those living in the building,” said Kaicherise McRae, the resident director of Neumann Hall.

McRae said the first priority for the professional staff of Residence Life is implementing proper policies and procedures that will keep the community safe.

Student’s questions were answered at mandatory meetings that were held in the resident halls.

“During our meeting we spoke about the purpose of the policy being enforced. Several people on SUNY Buffalo State’s campus felt that it would be significant to give each building the chance to become community based. I didn’t have this policy enforced my freshmen year,” said Morales.

Being that Buffalo State is an open campus it’s hard to prevent specific individuals from migrating into the campus community.

McRae said the beginning of this academic year was a lot calmer and did not have as many significant incidents as usual.

She said hopes that this policy continues to be enforced every academic year so the community can stay safe and successful.


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